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The volunteers who presently comprise the ministry teams are:

  • an attorney, Bert Hilburger, J.D., who briefly relates The Lawyer’s Story (the law of abortion);

  • a physician, Tom Messé, M.D. who himself has delivered babies briefly relates The Doctor’s Story (the medical aspects of abortion);

  • a young mother of two and part-time researcher at Pfizer (the pharmaceutical company), Corinn Dahm, Ph.D., at greater length relates The Woman’s Story (the terrible harm-to-women aspects of abortion);

  • a young mother of four and former researcher at Pfizer, Tina Trotochaud, B.S. also takes turns relating The Woman’s Story; and

  • a research ecologist, father of four and home schooler, currently a computer consultant for the pharmaceutical industry, Tim Bergsma, Ph.D. also takes turns relating The Doctor’s Story;
and presenters of the emotion:
  • a spiritually healed business woman, Nicole Taylor Peck, CPA, who, having aborted as a 15-year old, has known the pain and degradation of abortion but has since been spiritually healed; and



  • a home schooling mom for two children, choreographer, and writer, Charnette Messé, wife of Dr. Tom, who relates her regrets for her decision to abort her first child and experienced breast cancer while pregnant with her third child.

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